Bigger Team; Larger Office

I’m happy to introduce Christopher Stoll, the newest member of the Coffee and Code family! Chris brings a wealth of programming experience and team building skills and acts as an anchor for our company’s future direction. I am very excited for what he brings to our group and what that means for the future of Coffee and Code.

Building a talented, well respected team is difficult work and I’m extremely proud of what we have accomplished together since Eric joined me over three years ago. However, Coffee and Code has never been known for being sedentary, and are constantly looking towards the future and how to provide even more value for our clients.

Our future includes building a friendly environment for fostering future generations of developers and designers. Chris’s skillset will help us to not only continue to produce top quality work, but will help to further build our specialized team whose talents amaze our clients and outshine our competitors.

In addition, our future facing growth has paved the way to our brand new office in downtown Akron┬álocated between two green spaces and next door to a coffee shop. We need room to develop our desired company and our new space provides just that. We’re still in the process of making it feel like home, but we’re planning to have an open house as soon as the dust settles.

If you’d like to be invited to our open house, or would like to keep tabs on what we have going on, please sign up for our newsletter.

We are still laser focused on delivering the same high quality output that our clients have come to expect. Our entire company focus at this point is producing a more cutting edge and future focused team that can help our clients execute on their ideas while providing a sense of direction and stability in a seemingly unstable technological landscape.

– Jonathan Knapp, President and Founder